KISS: Embarrassing faux pas at the end of the concert in Vienna


In the presence of 9,000 fans, KISS honored the Wiener Stadthalle on Sunday evening. It was a bombastic show from old rockers Paul Stanley, Gene Simmons and Co. Unfortunately, at the end of the concert, it was marred by an embarrassing faux pas – the Australian flag instead of the Austrian flag shone during the farewell.

Shortly after the confetti shower at the end of the concert around 11 pm and with the anthem “God Gave Rock ‘n’ Roll To You II” it happened: At the end of the “KISS Loves You Vienna” ad you had the Australian in instead of the Austrian advertising flag used. And it had gone so well.

Laughter in the hall. “Americans and geography,” scolded one Twitter user. But most listeners will forgive KISS – or rather their team. The show was very, very good – it doesn’t matter if the notes hit or not,” notes a “Krone” reader. Obviously, it’s not the first time “Australia” and “Austria” have been confused.

It is rumored that this was the last KISS concert in Vienna. After all, the gentlemen are already over 70. “How about another concert in Vienna as compensation?” asks the “Krone” (read the extensive concert review here).

Source: Krone


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