Zelensky asks G7 to increase pressure on Russia to end war this year


Ukraine considers it vital to send new anti-aircraft defense systems to fend off the invaders’ bombing raids

Ukraine’s President Volodymyr Zelensky has demanded greater efforts from the G7 countries and “do everything possible” to end the war between his country and Russia this year. The warlike conflict could last a long time if it continues after next winter, he warned in a videoconference announcement to the heads of state and government of the group of the richest countries meeting in Elmau, in the German Alps. To continue to defend against Russian aggression, Zelensky demanded the deployment of a greater number of anti-aircraft systems to fend off rocket bombardments and take turns attacking the invading forces.

The Ukrainian leader also called on the G7 – the United States, Canada, Germany, France, Britain, Italy and Japan – to provide massive financial support to rebuild his country once the war is over. He also asked Western industrialized nations to step up sanctions against the Moscow regime to increase pressure and help export the accumulated grains that residents of numerous Third World states need to survive. Even before the meeting with Zelensky, the G7 countries had announced more penalties, which will come into effect soon.

As soon as the talks with the G7 leaders ended, the meeting host and Chancellor, Olaf Scholz, announced a new hardening of the West towards Russia. “We are going to increase the pressure on Putin even more,” Scholz said in a tweet, stressing that “this war must stop.” The head of the Berlin government assured that the G7 countries are “definitely on the side of Ukraine”, a country they will continue to support in this armed conflict for as long as necessary, “although we will have to take tough measures.” but necessary decisions”.

Meanwhile, British Prime Minister Boris Johnson has compared supporting Ukraine in the war against Russia to fighting Nazi dictator Adolf Hitler. The price of freedom is worth paying, Johnson told reporters on the sidelines of the summit. He explained that in the mid-20th century, democracies had taken a long time to respond to tyranny and aggression, and that a heavy price had been paid. “But with the defeat of the dictators, especially Nazi Germany, came many decades of stability and a world order based on an international system of rules,” said the “Prime Minister”, who also noted that “it is worth defending , since in the long term brings well-being ».

Source: La Verdad


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