TSD knows the problem – bed bug infestation in Innsbruck emergency shelter


Bed bugs continue to enter the emergency shelter on Schusterbergweg in Innsbruck as uninvited guests. According to Tiroler Soziale Diensten GmbH (TSD), immediate measures will be taken as soon as they become known. Unfortunately, there is no long-term solution. It is also pointed out that the problem affects all accommodation establishments.

Shocked by the hygienic conditions in the emergency shelter on Schusterbergweg in Innsbruck, which is operated by the Tiroler Soziale Diensten GmbH (TSD), a caller (name known to the editors) spoke to the “Tiroler Krone”. As the woman describes: “I was recently with two friends in the garden of a nearby bakery. We happened to have a conversation with a young Romanian who sleeps in the accommodation”.

Outwardly, the man made a very neat impression. But then he showed the three women existing bite marks on arms and legs. “He spoke to us about bed bugs in the accommodation and that the responsible cleaning company was barely performing its duties,” explains the Tyrolean.

“Bugs are always a problem”
The women were deeply shocked. “My girlfriend then called TSD GmbH. But they didn’t feel responsible there,” says the woman stunned. The “Tiroler Krone” then also confronted TSD GmbH with the allegations. As Andrea Cater-Sax says, no specific information about this case can be given without the name of the client “But what we can confirm is that bed bugs are a recurring problem for our customers.”

As soon as a case becomes known, measures will be taken, Cater-Sax assures. “These have been developed in collaboration with sworn experts and experts from Freivon GmbH. The application is very complex and time consuming, but it is very effective in controlling the small pests.”

“Unfortunately, there is no long-term solution here”
Because the doors of the emergency shelter are open to all people in acute housing shortage every day of the year, new people are added at any time. “Unfortunately, if even one person out of these thousands of overnight stays per year has bed bugs in their clothing or luggage, the animals are back in the house,” said Cater-Sax, who at the same time emphasizes that “complaints can be reported to us at any time. We take immediate measures such as treating the affected room, luggage and clothing, changing rooms for the client, providing medication in serious cases and making appointments with a doctor.”

Finally, Cater-Sax emphasizes that “unfortunately there is no one hundred percent long-term solution” and that the problem affects all accommodation settings, from youth hostels to alpine huts to luxury hotels.

Source: Krone


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