Due to drought: hairdressers are only allowed to rinse once


To combat water shortages and limit water consumption, hairdressers in Castenaso, a municipality on the outskirts of Bologna, are not allowed to rinse the same customer’s head twice. This is stated in an ordinance passed by the mayor of Castenaso, Carlo Gubellini, to conserve water.

An open water tap delivers an average of 13 liters per minute. If you take into account that there are ten barbers in Castenaso, a community of 16,000 people, you could save thousands of liters of water per day without the second flush, the mayor explained. “No one protested, the citizens understood the reasons behind the ordinance,” the mayor said.

Italy wants to declare a state of emergency because of the ongoing drought. As part of measures to limit the negative effects of the drought, water may also be rationed during the day, civil defense chief Fabrizio Curcio said Monday. Precipitation this year was 50 percent lower than the average of previous years and the decrease in snowfall was as much as 70 percent. The consequences of the water shortage are serious for agriculture, fisheries and electricity production, explains Curcio.

Source: Krone


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