Sex crimes – 20 years in prison for Epstein confidante Maxwell


For a long time, Ghislaine Maxwell seemed to lead an enviable life: she had a lot of money and access to high society thanks to her name. But the British woman’s luxurious jet-set life is over. After a New York jury found the long-standing confidant of the late sex offender Jeffrey Epstein guilty in December of child sex trafficking, her sentence has now been announced: the 60-year-old was given a 20-year sentence.

After Epstein’s death in a prison cell, which had been classified as suicide, the US judiciary announced in 2019 that it would hold his accomplices accountable. After already serving two years in prison, Maxwell was finally found guilty late last year of recruiting young girls for years to be sexually abused by the well-connected financial investor. The girls were sometimes passed on to other men.

Handed over young girls to Epstein
During the trial, the prosecution described how Maxwell became friends with young girls, the youngest of whom was only 14 years old. She would take them to the movies or go shopping and then give them to the multimillionaire.

Victims grabbed the breasts
Epstein’s confidant persuaded the teens to travel to his estates in New York, Florida and New Mexico and give the multimillionaire nude massages before they were abused. In order to “normalize and facilitate” the sexual abuse, Maxwell also undressed, according to the indictment. Sometimes she participated in the abuse, for example by touching the young girls on the chest.

The verdict was announced on Tuesday, six months after her conviction for sex crimes. The 60-year-old faces 20 years in prison.

employee and best friend
Maxwell is the daughter of the legendary British publisher Robert Maxwell (1923-1991). She had come to New York in the early 1990s. There she met Epstein at one of the many celebrity parties and was in a temporary relationship with him. Those close to Epstein described her role in his life as a mix of employee and best friend.

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