Secret services contradict Trump aide who implicates him in the attack


Secret services contradict Trump aide who implicates him in the attack

The agents accompanying him on Jan. 6 deny that he intended to participate in the seizure of the Capitol

A 25-year-old could be the key witness to accuse Donald Trump of sedition. As an assistant to White House Chief of Staff Mark Meadows, at a pivotal moment in history, Cassidy Hutchinson sat front row during the January 6 uprising. His testimony on Tuesday was the most explosive and damaging yet seen during the congressional committee hearings investigating him. No wonder the president’s supporters yesterday attacked his credibility with all possible means.

Hutchinson told many things that hurt the former president, but his supporters have focused on one of the colorful anecdotes about his car day tantrums. This is when the president finds out, already in the Secret Service car, that he is not being led to the Capitol to march with the protesters, but back to the White House. “I’m the damn president, take me to the Capitol now!” He is said to have called, Hutchinson says he was told by the officer who accompanied him in the car, Bobby Engle, in the presence of Tony Ornato, the president’s security chief, who he did not deny. At least until yesterday.

Several journalists from prestigious media outlets, from Fox to CNN, say Ornato saw the committee’s special hearing live and was shocked by the anecdote, which he categorically denies. Engle also allegedly rebuffed the president by throwing himself around his neck to push him away from the collarbone. It is not known who the driver of the vehicle was, but in a cryptic message from the government agency, he reiterates his willingness to cooperate with the investigation and proposes to testify under oath.

No one who knows the political intrinsic properties of the Trump White House is surprised. Coming from the mafia world of real estate and casinos, the president is known for purifying his environment in order to surround himself with loyalists. Much more when it comes to your personal safety. Under his leadership, Ornato had even been promoted to the highest-ranking post in the president’s security service, raising concerns from those who feared that politicking the secret services could endanger him and others.

So much so that on January 6, when Trump’s mob shouted “Hang Mike Pence,” the vice president refused to get into the vehicle the secret services were urging him to for fear of being kidnapped so he couldn’t get the results. certify elections, according to the testimonies collected by the commission. Pence would rather stay with his family in the Capitol basement, where frightened congressmen were hiding at the time, than return to the White House, where, it is now known, Trump had thrown him to the lions. “They are not here to harm me,” the president responded when his own advisers warned him that those present at the demonstration were armed.

Trump, his attorney Rudy Giuliani, his chief of staff Mark Meadows and other members of his close circles already knew who they were coming for and what was about to happen. That’s the most damaging part of Hutchinson’s testimony, which proved to be a credible witness because of the president’s reticence and even dedication. “As part of the staff, I have always tried to represent him as best I can and show the country all the good he has done. I felt frustrated and disappointed, on a personal level,” he said on Tuesday. “As an American, it was disgusting to see them take over the Capitol for a lie.”

From their detailed descriptions, which could serve as scripts for a forthcoming season of “The West Wing,” it becomes clear that the January 6 attack was not a protest that got out of hand, but a well-planned uprising that was planned. to end in a coup. If the Capitol and Washington DC Police Department had not been able to fend off the attackers, Joe Biden would never have been president.

Some of those who served him faithfully during his tenure and even held the key to saving him from the first charge, such as Attorney General Bill Barr, were unwilling to go that far. Barr resigned on December 14, 2020, three weeks before the Capitol Hill attack, after infuriating the president by stating in an interview with the Associated Press that the Justice Department had found no evidence to back up the theories about support election fraud. “You must really hate Trump!” the president yelled at him.

Upon hearing the news in the dining room where he was having lunch, Trump threw the plate of food against the wall in a fit of rage. Hutchinson came in shortly afterwards and helped the clerk clear up the ketchup that was still dripping from the wall and pick up the broken crockery. It wasn’t the first time. Occasionally he’d even yanked on the tablecloth and threw everything on the table into the air.

On Tuesday, he must have been just as furious to hear the testimony of the assistant who he called a “fraud” on his social networks. Her followers describe her as “Amber Heard 2”, the actress who accused the actor and her ex-husband Johnny Depp of domestic violence. “But even if he’s telling the truth, what the hell is the problem?” reads a poster for

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