Scenes ready for film – wild chase in the Gailtal at 200 km/h


A 33-year-old Audi driver from Stockenboi was followed across the Gail Valley for overspeeding a police patrol on the A2 (Southern Motorway). Ultimately, the man was found unconscious in the Farchtensee area of ​​the forest. The investigation is underway.

On Sunday at 12.15 pm, a 33-year-old from the Villach-Land district gave a cinematic chase to the Carinthian police. He overtook a police patrol on the A2 at high speed. And that was just the beginning.

At 200 km/h through the Gailtal
At 200 km/h, the driver aimed for the Windischehöhe – chased by several police patrol cars and the police helicopter “Libelle”.

What exactly happened to the driver during his escape through the forest is still unclear and is part of the investigation. The 33-year-old is currently at the LKH Villach, where he is being watched by the management.

Source: Krone


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