Up to 67 percent more – refueling in Austria more expensive than ever


For a filling of 50 liters we pay about 40 euros more than a year ago.

Drivers have never had to pay as much for refueling as they did in June: with an average of EUR 2,049 per liter of Super and EUR 2,017 per liter of diesel, fuel prices reached new heights last month.

Compared to the prices collected by the ÖAMTC from June 2021, Super has seen an increase of about 61 percent at the pumps and for diesel even around 67 percent. So for a tank filling of 50 liters you had to spend about 40 euros more.

Due to price caps or tax cuts in Italy, Slovenia and Croatia, fuel is cheaper there than here.

Especially in Slovenia, a tank of 50 liters costs 25 euros less. If you’re on your way back from the south, make a stop for fuel.

Source: Krone


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