Handling weapons – Britain trains Ukrainian soldiers


Britain says it has started training Ukrainian soldiers. Up to 10,000 people will be trained in the coming months. Weapons handling, battlefield first aid and martial law are all covered in the course. Part of the training will be completed in the future NATO member states Finland and Sweden.

To this end, the British Air Force has already sent six fighter jets to Northern Europe. This would increase the presence in the region and had been requested by the two Scandinavian countries themselves, the British Ministry of Defense said. “These deployments underscore our determination to strengthen the partnership and ensure our forces can work together seamlessly,” Defense Secretary Ben Wallace said in a statement.

Other parts of the training program are conducted at various military bases in the United Kingdom. About 1,050 British military personnel are expected to be involved in teaching weapons handling, battlefield first aid, martial law and patrol tactics. As practical exercises are also planned, the British government has purchased AK assault rifles. In this way, the Ukrainian soldiers could train with their usual weapons.

Defense Ministry doubts Putin’s statements
The Defense Ministry doubts whether Russia’s war against Ukraine has even started, as Russian President Vladimir Putin said recently. The country is preparing for new offensives, but some reinforced troops are sent out with outdated or unsuitable equipment. In making this statement, the ministry referred to intelligence information. For example, Soviet-type MT-LB troop carriers are significantly weaker armored and armed than the BMP-2 infantry fighting vehicles used at the start of the war.

Ukraine, meanwhile, is getting four Hirmas multiple rocket launchers, 1,000 155mm artillery shells, artillery reconnaissance radars and spare parts from the US. A senior representative of the United States Department of Defense announced this on Friday. The weapons are valued at approximately $400 million. In total, the Ukrainian Armed Forces are said to have twelve Hirmas missile launchers with the new deliveries.

Source: Krone


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