Reportage am Ring – Spielberg: Party with pool, beer and Eurofighter


Reportage am Ring – Spielberg: Party with pool, beer and Eurofighter

Swimming pools, stages, a tent town for 170 people, a purpose-built Eurofighter: the campers on the Red Bull Ring in Spielberg are professionals – when it comes to organizing and drinking. The “Krone” was there.

At the latest when the number of beers consumed exceeds the number of hours that have passed in the day, table tennis stops working completely. Still, it seems to be paying off for Peter that he’s taken the plate from Holland to the Murtal.

And much more: plastic chairs stacked by the metre, a truck that doubles as a stage, pavilions and khaki green tents for 170 people. 170 men, to be exact, driven by beer with a funnel and the thought that Max Verstappen would win the race.

There is a Eurofighter next to the pool
However, one team surpasses Peter’s in comfort. Alex Toplitsch’s thatched plot can be recognized from afar by a column of smoke. It comes from his wooden Eurofighter. The 32-year-old from Dornbirn and about twenty of his friends have been working on the character since May. “The farmer helped us unload the tractor,” says one of them. “And the fire brigade filled the pool for us.”

To avoid thirst or hunger strike, Alex and Co. a beer tender, refrigerators, a grill, lots of Jägermeister and a stage. A live concert is even planned.

Nico Stans and his friends have also arrived from the Netherlands, with a mascot, a swimming pool and some friends.

Start the new day with scrambled eggs
When the party campers wake up from their beer-soaked sleep in the morning, their first route is to Evelyn. The student works at the breakfast station Lacknerhof at Camping Gelb. “The scrambled eggs are the most popular,” she says. “And we also sell a lot of coffee.”

Evelyn’s work is not a nuisance. “It’s a real treat. The first music starts at seven in the morning.”

And the party continues: on Saturday the police expect 70,000 people, on Sunday another 100,000.

Source: Krone


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