About fifty countries come together in The Hague to investigate war crimes in Ukraine


About fifty countries come together in The Hague to investigate war crimes in Ukraine

They agree to coordinate the investigations and pledge 20 million euros to help the International Criminal Court and the Public Prosecutor’s Office in Kiev

A total of 45 countries, including members of the EU, US, UK, Canada, Australia and Mexico, joined forces in The Hague on Thursday to advance the investigation into war crimes in Ukraine. With the aim of ensuring that the atrocities committed since the invasion began on February 24, the group attended a conference convened by the Netherlands in this city where the International Criminal Court (ICC) is located, as the world returned to witness of a new massacre by the Russian army against civilians in the city of Vinnitsa.

Sharing evidence, prosecuting strategies and providing expertise on international war crimes to investigators on the ground will be the Alliance’s main tasks. Gathering evidence and establishing responsibilities to bring the guilty to justice will not be easy. It could take “many years”, German Justice Minister Marco Buschmann warned. But it is time to act, especially now that atrocities are rife in Ukraine, ranging from murder and torture to rape, looting and forced deportations.

“As we speak, children, women and men are living in terror,” warned ICC prosecutor Karim Khan, pointing out that “legality should not be just a bystander.” EU Justice Commissioner Didier Reynders said judging the crimes will be a “titanic task” requiring a “strong judicial system” and reported that 20,000 investigations have already been opened.

The big problem is that the ICC couldn’t try Russia or Ukraine because neither of them had ratified the Rome Statute. For this reason, one of the solutions would be to establish a special international court in Kiev, as proposed by Ukrainian President Volodímir Zelensky during his telematics intervention this Thursday.

The ICC has already sent the largest field team in its 20-year history to conduct on-site investigations. In support of these works, as well as those of the Public Prosecutor’s Office of Ukraine and the UN, the 45 countries of the new alliance have pledged to contribute 20 million euros.

Zelensky, who assures that dozens of civilians have been killed by the invading army while Moscow distances itself from all responsibility, this Thursday denounced that “some 200,000 children have been kidnapped” and out of the country by Russian forces. US Secretary of State Anthony Blinken has confirmed the facts by stating that the minors have been separated from their parents to be given up for adoption in Russia, where up to 1.6 million Ukrainians are in “filtration camps”. where families are separated. and torture is applied until those who have collaborated with the Kiev authorities are identified.

A report from the Organization for Security and Co-operation in Europe (OSCE) confirms the existence of so-called “filtration camps”. In a 115-page document, they describe that, “according to witnesses,” Ukrainians evacuated from besieged cities or those leaving Russian-occupied territories are being subjected to “brutal interrogations and humiliating body searches” to clarify whether any of these people fought on the side of Kiev or if he has any connections with the Azov battalion or with the government. “In these cases, they are separated from the others and often disappear simply and simply,” they warn.

Source: La Verdad


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