Working at swimming pool – chemicals exploded: 36-year-old injured


Special accident in Kramsach, Tyrol: An explosion occurred during work on the water treatment of a swimming pool. A 36-year-old was injured.

Wednesday around 3:15 pm, the 36-year-old resident of Kramsach mixed several chemicals for the water treatment of a swimming pool. After she was done, she poured them into a plastic bucket filled with water. For some unknown reason, a chemical reaction started – and as a result, there was an explosion.

Dad sounded the alarm
The 36-year-old was seriously injured in the explosion. Her father, who was near the scene of the incident, immediately provided first aid and called 911. After first aid from rescue workers, the injured person was taken by ambulance to the hospital in Kufstein. In addition to the police, the Kramsach fire brigade, several paramedics and an emergency doctor were also present.

Source: Krone


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