Crashed In Traffic Jam – Buildup: Family Of Five Injured


Five people were injured in a rear-end collision on the A9 in Styria on Thursday. The highway had to be closed for several hours afterwards.

At around 4 p.m., a 33-year-old from Graz may have overlooked the end of a traffic jam on the Phyrnautobahn. He was driving toward the field when he collided with a stationary car at the Gersdorf exit.

The impact was so severe that five other vehicles were damaged. The driver involved in the accident was driving with his wife (27) and their three children (7, 4 and 1) at the time.

Family of five injured
All five people were injured in the blast. The father and his two eldest children were treated on an outpatient basis in LKH Graz. The youngest child, on the other hand, was hospitalized. The mother came to the LKH Wagna with unknown injuries.

The clean-up work after the collision took a long time, as a result of which the A9 was closed for about four hours. Traffic was diverted via the delay lane, which led to traffic jams into the evening on Thursday.

Source: Krone


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