Dozens of climate change protesters arrested after closing 10 oil stations


Police have arrested a Just Stop Oil activist involved in the Birmingham gas station siege.

At least 34 climate change protesters have been arrested for shutting down oil terminals across the country. Activists from the Just Stop Oil and Extinction Rebellion groups stopped 10 petrol stations in the Midlands and southern England on Friday morning “to oppose the expansion of UK oil and gas production”.

Protesters were attacked in the streets, hung on bamboo stands, and locked up around 4 a.m. using oil drums and each other. ExxonMobil UK, one of the country’s largest privately owned underground oil distribution networks, said it had closed three stations and used police officers from at least five armed forces to quell the demonstrations.

The Met arrested 14 activists who stormed the Bedfont Road facility in Staines, Surrey, while Essex police arrested 13 protesters at various locations and West Midland police arrested six people at a station in Tyberne. Birmingham. Police said she was arrested for offenses including aggravation, criminal damage and highway robbery.

Troops said Friday night that all detainees were arrested by Met at West London Police Department. Their agents were called to the scene on Biedfonte Road around 4:15 a.m., as protesters blocked the entrance.

Claire Clark, Senior Superintendent of the Met, said, “There were several protests today against oil terminals across the country. The Met closely coordinated its response with other police forces, sharing information with the highest priority to resolve each incident as quickly and safely as possible.

We understand and respect the right to protest, but we do not understand the right to disrupt business and society in this way. Such actions by activists affect critical national infrastructure and prevent many officers from responding to emergencies in their communities.

“In a democratic country, peaceful protest is important, but it is also important to get results for those who break the law. “Matt’s arrests today, as well as those by other police forces, have reduced delays across the country.”

A statement from Just Stop Oil read: “The Just Stop Oil Coalition has called for an end to the government’s genocidal policy of expanding UK oil and gas production, and is calling on all concerned about the potential for climate and cost collapse. Life crisis to be with us. People can no longer Ordinary people buy oil and gas; it’s time to download it and move on.”

Just Stop Oil fans have also disrupted several Premier League matches in recent weeks. This included throwing the pitch and fixing it to the door jamb.


Source: Belfastlive


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