Should Social Security subsidize electric bicycles for people with disabilities?


People with disabilities, especially those with disabilities, need more autonomy and well-being in their daily lives. This is what Francisco Zuast says about accessibility and support products expert, who insists on its importance .Social security A bet on the well-being of a group of people with disabilities.

Zuast, who is also an advisor to the Jerez City Council, suggests that the electric bicycle, an electromobility device that turns a mechanical wheelchair into an “electric wheelchair”, be included in the catalog of prosthetics and orthopedics so that everyone can improve your mobility. .

In this sense, hand bikes allow people with reduced mobility to have greater well-being thanks to the benefits that this ancillary product offers with numerous architectural and transportation barriers.

In addition, hand bikes, a type of hand bike, allow wheelchair users to actively engage in physical exercise, improving their physical and mental abilities, says Zuast.

Currently bicycles are not included in the benefits catalog, there is only one autonomous community, Valencia, which allows those with wheelchairs access to choose an electric bicycle.

For all of these reasons, electric products for people with disabilities bring many benefits, especially physical, mental and emotional impact, for which social security should include this product in the catalog of prosthetics and orthopedics, concludes Francisco.

Source: El Diario


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