Speech to US Congress – Ukrainian First Lady Selenska asks for weapons


Ukraine’s first lady Olena Zelenska has been campaigning in the US in recent days to support her country against the Russian invaders. On Wednesday, at the invitation of House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, she spoke to members of the US Congress and asked for weapons, among other things, as did her husband.

Since the Russian invasion, the United States has been by far Ukraine’s main arms supplier. According to US Chief of Staff Mark Milley, they have already delivered 12 multiple Himars-type missile launchers in addition to numerous other weapon systems – more have now been promised.

Weapons applied for for Ukraine
The Ukrainian First Lady used her appearance in the US Congress to get more weapons for her country. “I am asking for anti-aircraft defense systems so that rockets don’t kill children in their strollers, so that rockets don’t destroy children’s rooms and kill entire families,” she said in a speech to senators and lawmakers on Wednesday, accompanied by photos of killed Ukrainian children. The weapons should serve to “protect your own home,” she added.

“Test field” Ukraine
Meanwhile, President Volodymyr Zelensky accused Russia itself of using Ukraine as a testing ground for possible attacks on other European countries. “Russia is testing everything that can be used against other European countries in Ukraine,” Zelenskyy said. “It started with gas wars and ended with a large-scale invasion, missile terror and the burning of Ukrainian cities.”

Source: Krone


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