Mobile phone hijacked – bomalibi really wasn’t an excuse


What an unusual story. After three bomb threats in Linz, a 16-year-old Trauner was targeted by the police. His alibi sounded very unlikely, but it wasn’t.

An as yet unknown perpetrator called three police stations in Linz on July 19, 2022 around 10:30 PM and threatened to blow up Linz’s main station. The murder was supposed to take place at 1 p.m. the next day.

An extensive investigation, which also included the location of the mobile phone used to make the call, revealed a 16-year-old from the Linz-Land district.

Mobile phone was remote controlled
The boy explained that he had nothing to do with it, but wasn’t completely surprised. “Someone threatened me on my cell phone that he would send the police home,” the 16-year-old told intelligence officers, as the drug sniffer dog searched the apartment in the background – but found nothing explosive.

Stranger Threatened
The boy had contacted the previously unknown threat via a voice app on his cell phone and announced that he would misuse the 16-year-old’s number for threatening phone calls. The young Trauner was able to play a recording of the conversation for the investigators. The 16-year-old’s mobile phone and laptop have been examined by experts.

Experts have clarified everything
Later it became clear: the boy had told the truth. Because he had made his last call on his mobile phone some time before the threatening calls, an unknown perpetrator must have misused his phone number. The investigations are underway.

Source: Krone


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