The Kremlin confirms an attack on a military target in the port of Odessa


The United States has assured that Russia is “casting serious doubts about its credibility” by failing to meet the commitment signed in the agreement that would allow it to supply food to world markets.

Russian Foreign Ministry spokeswoman Maria Zajarova confirmed this Sunday that: Russia launched a missile attack on the port of Odessa, protected under the Istanbul Agreement reached on Friday to resume grain exports, but pointed out that it was intended against a military target.

“Kalibr missiles have destroyed the military infrastructure of the port of Odessa,” Zajarova confessed in her Telegram account, where she explained that the attacks continued. intended against a “Ukrainian military ship”which was hit in this “high precision” bombardment.

The attack on the port of Odessa was received between the concerns of Turkey, which guarantees the agreement, and the condemnation of the United States, the European Union, the United Nations and Ukraine itself, for launching at least four Calibration missiles, two of which ultimately affected port facilities.

Secretary of State for United StatesAntony Blinken, has condemned the attack and criticized the violation of the latest agreements reached with the United Nations, Turkey and Ukraine.

“Just 24 hours after concluding an agreement to resume Ukrainian agricultural exports through the Black Sea, Russia fulfilled its obligations by attacking the historic port from which agricultural and grain exports would be re-transported,” he said.

Under the agreement, a coalition of Turkish, Ukrainian and UN personnel will oversee the loading of grain onto ships in the Ukrainian ports of Odessa, Chernomosk and Pivdenyi, before sailing a pre-planned route through the Black Sea.

The ships will cross the Black Sea to the Bosphorus in Turkey, where a joint coordination center will be established in Istanbul, with representatives from the UN, Ukraine, Russia and Turkey. Likewise, this center will examine ships entering Ukraine to ensure they have no weapons or combat equipment on board.

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Source: EITB


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