Huge guardian angel – low loader wedged in tractor team


The driver and co-driver of an ÖBB flatbed trailer performed a cinematic stunt on a provincial road in Lower Austria. In any case, the guardian angel stood next to the occupants of the road vehicle. The passenger suffered only minor scratches and the driver was not injured. Almost a miracle with these pictures…

This also surprised the emergency services: After the collision with a tractor and trailer at Stögersbach in the district of Zwettl, the passenger – a 57-year-old from Vitis – got out of a completely destroyed ÖBB low-loader with only minor scrapes and scratches. The driver (21) from the Gmünd district was even completely unharmed!

The course and outcome of the accident were film-ready
Not only does the outcome of the accident border on a miracle, the development is more reminiscent of a movie stunt than a normal traffic accident. The 21-year-old wanted to overtake the tractor with two trailers after the place name sign on the straight towards Schwarzenau. It accelerated hard, but hit the back of the rear trailer—both were loaded with five tons of rye each.

The force ripped the flatbed front axle away
Due to the force of the impact, the right front fender and the right front axle, including the rims and tires, came loose from the VW body. The vehicle itself continued to slide forward in a semicircle, where it became wedged between the tractor and the first semi-trailer, cutting the compressed air line between the tractor and semi-trailer. The driver’s cab was severely deformed on the passenger side. The wreckage of the low-loader was scattered on the road.

By the way: the tractor driver was able to continue the journey – also unharmed.

Source: Krone


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