Be prepared – only 41 percent for corona vaccination in the fall


The willingness of Austrians to be vaccinated against Corona again in the autumn is manageable. According to a recently published Spectra survey, 41 percent would certainly do so. 32 percent said no, the rest (27 percent) said they were undecided. However, 62 percent of those interviewed classify Covid-19 as very dangerous to dangerous. In principle, the majority of attitudes towards vaccinations are positive.

In May, Linz’s polls asked 1,000 people aged 15 and over in personal interviews about their attitudes towards vaccination in general and towards pre-Coronavirus in particular. At that time, 77 percent had a first sting, 74 percent had two and 55 percent had been vaccinated against Covid-19 with the third sting.

women more willing
The proportion of women who would receive a corresponding vaccination advice in the autumn was, at 42 percent, three percentage points higher than among men. The older the respondents were, the greater the willingness to be stung. This was 49 percent among the over-50s, and only 31 percent among the 15 to 29-year-olds.

As expected, the proportion of interviewees for a refresher course in the ranks of the vaccinated was significantly higher. 55 percent said yes, 15 percent no, almost a third were still unsure. And those who haven’t been vaccinated seem to stick with their attitude: 89 percent of them refused a bite in the fall, ten percent didn’t know yet.

Basic attitude towards vaccination positive
In principle, however, 51 percent of Austrians are positive about vaccinations. 30 percent see the subject neutrally and 19 percent negatively. They cited self-protection and infection prevention as the top reasons for vaccination (42 percent). However, only nine percent cited the occurrence of a pandemic as the reason. The Austrians are most concerned about side effects (six percent), four percent fear consequential damage, two percent doubt the effect.

Source: Krone


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