All clear in GB – Collapsed TV presenter returns


The shock moment was great when British presenter Kate McCann suddenly fainted on Tuesday evening and collapsed in the middle of the debate about the candidates for the successor of the resigned Prime Minister Boris Johnson. Due to the medical emergency, the game had to be stopped. McCann is doing well and will be back on live TV on Wednesday night.

“Well, last night shouldn’t have ended like this,” McCann wrote, thanking everyone for the many get well wishes. “I’m fine now.” She apologized to Liz Truss and Rishi Sunak for the interrupted debate.

McCann passed out on Tuesday evening more than half an hour after the start of the TV debate between the British Foreign Secretary and the ex-Treasury Secretary. Viewers saw Truss stop talking, look shocked and mumble “Oh my god” and walk up to the camera to help. Then the broadcast stopped. Even if it’s the moderator goes well, the duel will not be continued on medical advice, the broadcaster announced later.

Criticism for lack of “Plan B”
According to reports, the duel should now be continued on another date. Meanwhile, the TalkTV station’s editor-in-chief is faced with questions as to why they haven’t prepared a “plan B” for such cases. “There were plenty of experienced and talented presenters on the scene who could have stepped in,” the news site quoted an anonymous source from the studio as saying.

In the coming weeks, the two opponents will fight several more duels on TV shows and regional party conferences called Hustings. The members of the Conservative Party decide the winner by letter. The results will be announced on September 5. Truss is considered the favorite to succeed Johnson.

Source: Krone


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