Researchers find antibodies against ommicron variants


Lausanne University Hospital and ETH Lausanne have discovered a new antibody that neutralizes the omicron variants of the coronavirus. This finding, published in the journal Nature Microbiology, opens new avenues for preventive and therapeutic applications.

In monkeys, the new antibody has demonstrated a therapeutic effect and complete protection when used prophylactically. These results open up new perspectives for protecting people at risk, especially those with immunodeficiency.

The antibody, designated P2G3, was isolated from an infected and twice vaccinated donor. It showed very strong neutralizing activity against all Corona variants of concern, including Omicron.

Antibodies prevent mutations
By binding to a specific region of the spike protein, the antibody can prevent the virus from attaching to the receptor present on the target cells affected by the infection. This binding also prevents the antibody – unlike all previously approved antibodies – from displaying mutations in all variants.

This research was conducted before the appearance of the ommicron variants BA.4 and BA.5. However, recent data indicates that the antibody retains its neutralizing activity, according to the release. Clinical studies starting in August 2022 should confirm this.

Source: Krone


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