Gut bacteria in the sea – bathing ban lifted on 22 Adriatic beaches


Due to more fecal bacteria swimming in the sea, a temporary bathing ban has been imposed on some stretches of beach in the northern Italian Adriatic region of Emilia Romagna. People were not allowed to enter the sea on 22 beach sections until Friday afternoon. The closure was prompted by heavy rainfall after a long period of drought, which caused sewage to seep into the sea. By Friday afternoon, the situation was harmless.

Elevated levels of E-coli bacteria and the pathogen Enterococcus had also previously been found in the water.

However, the ban was lifted on Friday afternoon after the bacteria’s parameters fell back below the limit values ​​on all beaches where checks were carried out.

E-coli levels are more common after rainfall, as the wastewater is discharged into the sea. This intestinal germ, which is widespread worldwide, can cause diarrhea and blood poisoning, among other things.

The municipality of Goro and the beaches around Rimini were particularly affected by the ban. Only a few people adhered to the bathing ban on Friday morning. Due to the high temperatures, most went into the water anyway.

Source: Krone


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