The Spanish government on Monday approves urgent measures for efficiency and energy savings


Pedro Sánchez has recalled that Spain must voluntarily reduce 7% of its gas consumption. Measures such as promoting teleworking and more efficient use of air conditioning and heating, first in the public sector and later in the private sector, could be recommended.

The Council of Ministers will approve a package of urgent measures for energy efficiency and savingswhich is coordinated by the third vice president and minister for the ecological transition, Teresa Ribera.

As announced this Friday by the Prime Minister, Pedro Sanchezduring the presentation of the balance sheet of the first semester of the year, the plan will be “in line with what all European countries are doing”.

“These are measures that have been worked on for weeks, debated with the private sector and communicated to all administrations and parliamentary groups,” added Sánchez, who did not want to bring forward any of the specific measures.

The government announced a few weeks ago that it is working on this energy-saving plan, which includes the promotion of telecommuting in the public sphere and a more efficient use of air conditioning and the heating in public buildings, which would be extended to the private sector as a recommendation.

The President recalled that: Spain must voluntarily reduce 7% of gas consumption in the coming monthsaccording to the demand cut approved this week by the European Commission, which could make the restrictions mandatory if Russia cuts gas supplies to Europe.

“We are all involved,” assured Sánchez regarding energy savings, which he believes will also be good for businesses and families because the reduction in consumption will make it possible to reduce electricity bills.

“You only have to enter a shopping center to realize that the air conditioning is too high,” he illustrated.

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Source: EITB


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