Heavy rain kills eight in Kentucky flood


Eight people have died in flooding after heavy rainfall in the US state of Kentucky. The number of victims could still rise. Hundreds of homes are also expected to be destroyed, Governor Andy Beshear said.

“We will lose a double digit number of lives. Hundreds of families in Kentucky will lose everything,” U.S. Chief Executive Andy Beshear told NBC News. It was the worst flood disaster he had ever experienced in the southeastern state. To get additional staff and resources, the Democratic politician declared a state of emergency. In addition, the National Guard is deployed in support.

flash floods and landslides
Eastern Kentucky was hit the hardest. Flash floods and landslides also hit the neighboring states of Virginia and West Virginia. According to NBC, about four million people in the area received a flood warning. About 30,000 households would have been temporarily without power. Photos showed flooded streets and washed away cars. People were rescued from the air with helicopters and on the water with inflatable boats.

“Like a wave that came out of the sea”
The flood came suddenly, a mobile home resident told the Lexington Herald Leader newspaper. “It was like a wave coming out of the sea.” His partner was washed away but then, with the help of a neighbor, clung to a tree until they were both rescued about two hours later. “I was terrified and I was sure I was going to die,” said the 29-year-old. Her house was swept away by the floods.

For many families, it will likely take years to rebuild and recover, Governor Beshear fears. It wasn’t until December 2021 that devastating tornadoes caused serious damage in Kentucky. At that time, more than 70 people died.

Source: Krone


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