“Krone” heart person – evening of emotions: we celebrated the feast of hearts


An evening full of emotions: The winners of the Herzensmensch campaign 2021 were celebrated in an atmospheric way in Zellerndorf in Lower Austria!

“It’s so nice to do good, because it’s so good for yourself!”, stated the social bus company Helmut Himmer from Kottingbrunn at the summer festival “Krone-Herzensmensch” in Zellerndorf in the Weinviertel. He, Hermine Naderer (Ardaggerpen), Dzemila Zupani and Gerald Fischer (funeral St. Pölten), Josef Schoisengeyer (St. Pölten), Johanna Köppel (Ungerndorf), Ernie Leopold (Mollands) and Doris Pamminger (Korneuburg) received the Herzensmensch on Saturday evening. Award by the state governor Johanna Mikl-Leitner and Gerhard Valeskini, director of “Krone” and Mediaprint.

Party with all prize winners
“Krone” editor-in-chief Lukas Lusetzky: “This prize was created in 2021 by the Kronen Zeitung with the Platform Service Volunteers to put the work of volunteers in the spotlight.” Because of Corona, the honor scheduled for November 2021 was just a small frame instead. At that time, however, there was a promise that all prize winners would be invited to the festival in Zellerndorf. The market town has won the Herzensmensch prize for the most club-friendly municipality – and with it a festival organized by the “Krone”.

This promise was kept last Saturday. It was a feast of emotions on the sports field. Moderator Lydia Prenner-Kasper congratulated Mikl-Leitner, Valeskini, Lusetzky and Cultural Region Manager Martin Lammerhuber as well as the mayors of the three most club-friendly communities: namely Markus Baier from the host community, Johannes Höfinger from Raxendorf and Ernst Wendl from Himberg. Also the three winning clubs Tridok from the Triestingtal. E-Mobile from Böheimkirchen and Auszeit from Würflach were again presented and honored via video recording.

Francine Jordi and the Wild Emperors
After that, the show stage was in the hands of the Swiss singer Francine Jordi, who created a great atmosphere with songs such as Mon Chéri.

After her appeared the Wilde Kaiser of the Weinviertel. Like local heroes, Clemens Reinsperger and his band provided fireworks of good music. The proceeds of the evening will go to the clubs of Zellerndorf.

Source: Krone


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