Expert advice – shooting recommendation for wolf pairs in East Tyrol


The Tyrolean Predators Control Board is now also recommending the removal of a female and male wolf, which are believed to have recently killed several farm animals in East Tyrol and neighboring Carinthia. “To prevent further damage,” it was said on Wednesday.

On July 24, 17 sheep and a goat were killed in Lavant (Lienz district). “The DNA results now available from further examination of the samples taken in the course of the official crack assessment have shown that two wolf individuals from the Italian population of origin could be detected in the studied sheep cracks,” it said. the state of Tyrol

Cracks in North and East Tyrol and Carinthia
On the one hand, there is a male wolf with the designation “108 MATK”, which had already been detected several times the year before in North and East Tyrol and recently also not far from the Lavanter Alm in Carinthia. “The second wolf is a female animal (121 FATK), which was last detected on July 6, 2021 in a mauled sheep in the Carinthian Drau Valley,” the state continued in the broadcast.

An 11-month-old 300-pound ox on the Lavanter Alm, which was examined by a vet in late July, had “most likely been killed by a wolf”.

Wolves should put it on
“To avert further damage and protect against further attacks, the board of trustees is recommending the removal of these wolves, in addition to the recommendation made last week to remove the wolf 158 MATK,” it said. According to the expert board of trustees, the damage potential and potential threat of the two wolves to other farm animals is greater than just one wolf.

The associated hazard regulation is already being prepared according to the planned procedure. The exceptional year-round protection announcement for the removal of the wolf individuals is in preparation.

Source: Krone


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