ELA, CIM and UGT cancel strikes in Metro Bilbao after agreement on blanket agreement


After expressing their “disappointment” with the agreement signed with management by the unions CCOO, SEMAF, LAB, EGIE and ESK, the three union centers have acknowledged that “the signature of these union sections constitutes a majority”, but they have warned that they will not “guard”.

Euskaraz irakurri: Metro Bilbaoko lanuzteak bertan behera utzi dituzte ELAk, CIMek and UGTk, hitzarmen orokor bat adostu ostean

The union sections of ELA, CIM and UGT in Metro Bilbao have stated that they have been “forced” to call off the partial strikes called in the metro for the Aste Nagusiasince extending the strikes with an agreement on the collective agreement signed by the majority of the commission would presume that the call for strikes is illegal.

After expressing their “deep disappointment” at the agreement signed with the management of the metro by the unions CCOO, SEMAF, LAB, EGIE and ESK, the three union centers have acknowledged that “the signing of these union sections makes a majorityand for which the agreement makes it a general agreement, although in this case it is for the minimum”.

In a statement, the union sections of ELA, CIM and UGT warned that “due to the fact that these sections have signed the preliminary agreement”, they will not “be wary” and they have announced that they will wait to see if the signing becomes effective.

“If the signature is not executed, we are forced to… reactivate the mobilizations and if it is signed, we will be belligerent with every semicolon that is in the agreement, as we have defended,” they claimed.

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Source: EITB


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