Politicians demanded – after attacks and affairs: call for ‘port reform’


After incidents in Krems-Stein and Sonnberg, calls for changes in the domestic legal system are growing louder. The union and the ministry are still silent, while the PVV attacks again.

Wounded cops here, hot love affair there. The prisons in Lower Austria are almost never out of the headlines these days. While the “incidents” are now being investigated in detail in many places, a loud call for reform is already ringing through the system. To protect prisoners and officials, of course. But the individual officials are trapped in the rigid everyday life and there is hardly any outside help.

While the Green Ministry and the VP-affiliated public services union remain silent, only the Liberals are calling for rapid change.

Specifically, the leading politician in Lower Austria, FP boss Udo Landbauer, is demanding only one point, but emphatically: more staff! “The government has not compensated for the extra workload of recent years with extra staff. It makes no sense if all positions are filled, but the contingent is not enough to guarantee security and order,” says Landbauer.

Source: Krone


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