Mysterious theft – Unknown steals 300 cubic meters of drinking water


An elevated tank in St. Urban (Carinthia) was emptied almost overnight. First findings in search for unknown perpetrator…

The heat wave and lack of precipitation are causing problems for many communities in Carinthia. Because drinking water supplies have dwindled considerably. And that is no different in the municipality of St. Urban. There, however, an additional problem is encountered: an unknown person may have drained part of the precious liquid.

Drinking water for four villages
Mayor Dietmar Rauter: “Our high water reservoir was suddenly empty within two days.” The reservoir provides four cities with more than 200 inhabitants. “There was just 300 cubic meters of water gone. Of course we immediately thought of a burst pipe. However, this assumption has not been confirmed!”

investigations are underway
So more intensive research had to be done. This showed that drains had been opened and fire hydrants had been used. Rauter: “Water has been taken from the raised tank that is not on the meter.” With digital help it is certainly possible to find out where the water has seeped away.

The raised tank has now been filled by the fire brigade, but only with process water; that must be cooked. The inhabitants of the affected cities temporarily receive drinking water from the Spar.

Source: Krone


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