Vienna comparison – Energy costs: what makes Burgenland better?


Higher prices, more poverty – far too many people in Vienna already have big problems paying their bills. Add to this the rising energy costs. Burgenland governor Hans Peter Doskozil (SPÖ) is not raising prices for the time being – the city of Vienna is still waiting for the federal government. But why does it work for some and not others?

In Vienna and Burgenland, the SPÖ is in charge – in the state where Lake Neusiedler used to exist, Hans Peter Doskozil is at the helm of power, in Vienna – with the tentative support of NEOS – Michael Ludwig. Both countries are part of Energieallianz Austria and yet they handle the horrific price increases differently. Doskozil does not increase energy costs, but Ludwig does with Wien Energie. But why?

Burgenland Energie is not going along with the tariff adjustment for the time being. According to experts, this is mainly possible because a large part of the electricity required is generated by wind energy. At the same time, hardly any gas heating systems have been installed in new buildings in recent years. “With its new, excellent business strategy, Burgenland Energie has prepared itself well for this situation,” explains Hans Peter Doskozil. The dramatic price increases as a result of the war in Ukraine can be absorbed for the time being.

There is also a choice
And not unimportant: in Burgenland, municipal and mayor elections will also take place on 2 October. The suspension of the price adjustment makes the SPÖ’s election campaign easier. Also within the party, Doskozil can again profile itself as a doer. Which certainly does not reduce his chances of higher orders.

And the Viennese SPÖ? Calls again for a “quick and nationwide fix”.

Source: Krone


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