Pink slippers cause police action


There was a very special operation this week for the police in the Bavarian town of Oberstdorf, which lies right on the border with Vorarlberg. A patient in a clinic had stolen her pink slippers worth 20 euros during lunch. After evaluating digital data, the director finally found the “culprit”.

In the course of this week, the Oberstdorf police received a report that objects had been stolen from a locked patient room at a clinic. Two officers then went to the crime scene and learned from the patient that she had not been in her room or during lunch for an hour. She had hung up a pair of slippers on the outer window sill on the first floor, which had disappeared after dinner. The pink shoes were worth about 20 euros.

The officers were then able to use digital data to determine that the door to the patient’s room was opened three times while the resident was away. The next morning, the police returned to the crime scene and conducted interrogations. Suddenly, a hot lead opened up as an employee of an outside cleaning company solved the mystery of the whereabouts of the pink slippers.

He had thought the slippers had been left on the ledge by the previous patient when he was discharged from the clinic. Without further ado, he threw the shoes in the trash. Of course, the police checked the truth of this statement, so an officer accompanied the cleaning staff to the clinic’s dumpster. When searching through some garbage bags, the slippers were actually found and returned to the injured party.

Source: Krone


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