Fire in Göming – emergency services save hundreds of pigs from fire


In Göming (Salzburg) a machine hall was set on fire on Friday afternoon. More than 200 firefighters were deployed to extinguish the fire. The building burned down, the fire also spread to a stable building. 400 pigs were housed there: “We were able to save the majority,” the commander explained.

The fire broke out in a machine hall of a farm in Göming around 12:30 p.m. A number of residents raised the alarm because of the dense clouds of smoke. Local fire chief Alfred Stummvoll was nearby when he noticed the smoke: “When I arrived, I raised the alarm level to 4+,” the volunteer says. The machine hall was ablaze in no time.

The fire quickly spread to the adjacent barn. “We were able to get the fire under control. At the moment there are still pigs in the barn that we are now bringing to safety,” explains Stummvoll. Emergency services were then able to get most of the 400 pigs out of the building. But some animals died.

286 firefighters on site
In addition, the exposed location of the building made the extinguishing work more difficult: “We had to lay several hundred meters of hose pipe for the extinguishing water and set up shuttle traffic with tankers. Farmers supported us in this,” Stummvoll reports. A total of 286 firefighters with 39 vehicles were on fire. Other surrounding buildings were saved from the flames.

Initial information suggests the fire may have started from a malfunctioning combine harvester and spread quickly. Fire investigators are on site to determine the exact cause. A firefighter suffered minor injuries while putting out the fire.

Source: Krone


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