Floods – Death Valley: 1000 people “trapped” in the mud


About 1,000 people have been stranded after flooding in California’s Death Valley, the driest place in the US. No injuries were reported after Friday’s unusually heavy rain, as the national park’s administration announced, but dozens of cars were trapped in the mud. All roads in and out of the national park were blocked.

“Unprecedented amounts of rain have caused significant flooding,” the national park administration said. About 500 visitors and 500 employees were unable to leave the national park in the Mojave Desert west of casino metropolis Las Vegas for the time being. All roads will remain closed until officials have an overview of the extent of the damage.

The water tore up streets and dumped dumpsters into parked cars. Several vehicles were pushed together. Offices and hotels were also under water.

Huge rainfall for the area
The Furnace Creek area fell 3.7 inches of rain on Friday – almost the previous day’s record. The average annual rainfall in Death Valley is five inches. Global warming is increasing the risk of heavy rain, according to warnings from UN climate experts. Because a warmer atmosphere can hold more moisture, the frequency, intensity and amount of heavy rainfall is increasing in many parts of the world.

Source: Krone


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