Anger over train failure – ‘Can I bribe climate ticket amoi more in d’Hoa’


Train commuter Wolfgang Eisler from the Waldviertel no longer sees the Franz-Josefs-Bahn and the ÖBB. Not only that: he had to change to the car – but there was no more parking space in the park-and-ride facility in Vienna-Spittelau.

The Waldviertel ÖBB commuter Wolfgang Eisler really likes the Franz-Josefs-Bahn. In 2020, this even drove the hobby musician to create the “Franzl Bahn Blues” with his band of close friends called “Aunt Hedwig” and record a music video. Here is the music video of the artist collective:

Anger over train cancellation
But now he lost his temper: another early morning train was canceled on Thursday. Normally the train runs about every two hours, but for morning commuters the next train leaves after an hour. Even if he was on time, it would have been too late for Eisler to get to work on time.

Some train outages in recent weeks
So he had to drive his car to Vienna, where there was no room left in the park-and-ride facility. “That day I was able to smear the climate ticket more in d’Hoa. What do commuters like who do not have the option to transfer to a car?” Eisler wonders. Apologies from the ÖBB: operational reasons would be Thursday in the past two weeks there have been individual train cancellations due to a catenary failure on the Czech side and accidents.

Source: Krone


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