On a high tour in Tyrol – alpinists fall five meters into a crevice


Icy use in the middle of summer for mountain rescue, alpine police and emergency doctors on Sunday in the Tyrolean Pitztal: Two Czechs fell five meters into a crevice during an altitude climb. Both men suffered injuries, some seriously.

The alpinists (31 and 32 years old) from the Czech Republic made an altitude tour on Sunday Brochkogel on the back (3623 meters) and then descended as a team of two towards the Taschachferner. “In the area of ​​a steep, rocky side that turned into sheer ice, one of the men then slipped, dragging the second along the rope,” police said.

Witnesses have raised the alarm
The alpinists then fell about five meters into a crevice. A nearby rope team observed the accident and immediately set the rescue chain in motion.

Injured persons flown to hospitals
Mountain rescuers and Alpine police officers were immediately flown to the scene of the accident using a police helicopter and two ambulance helicopters. The two men were eventually recovered from the crevice. “The 32-year-old suffered serious pelvic injuries and had to be flown to the Innsbruck clinic. His partner was taken to Zams Hospital with injuries,” the researchers concluded.

Source: Krone


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