Police chase camouflaged Audi driver who escaped from two police chases


The disguised Audi that crashed in the West Midlands

The police are chasing a mysterious driver who twice turned over an undercover Audi to the police. Central Highway Police Group (CMPG) said the vehicle failed to stop two patrols Sunday night.

The car, which was oddly painted with gray and black camouflage designs, later crashed, but the driver fled. CMPG wrote on Twitter: “This Audi was unable to stop for two patrols this evening. Finally got lucky when he crashed and ran away. He left us plenty of clues as to his identity, so he’ll talk to us soon.”

Social media users immediately mocked the driver. One of them tweeted, “Oh, the twisting of your car’s concealment is so special.” Another said: “I only see two wheels in the picture.”

Another added, “How did you manage to see it? I thought a silly disguise would make her invisible.” Another driver said: “I think this guy took the lead in Birmingham’s ‘concrete bush’ a little bit further away.”

Source: Belfastlive


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