Pig breeding scandal – AMA pulls the seal of approval from Horror-Hof. in


The VGT’s published scandal video quickly spread in Austria. After the country had already carried out checks and first treatments on Tuesday, AMA GmbH spoke out on Twitter on Wednesday.

After eight animal rights activists from the association against animal factories (VGT) occupying an AMA fattening farm in the Carinthian district of Klagenfurt-Land on Tuesday – as reported – published a scandalous video and filed a complaint against the farmer (84), AMA GmbH today, Wednesday , himself commented on the incident:

Closed with immediate effect
The quality seal has therefore closed the said company with immediate effect: “There are a total of about 40,000 companies in our programs. More than 20,000 checks per year – including product analyzes – are performed!”

Source: Krone


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