“Sooner or later” – EU Council president considers cessation of gas imports necessary


EU Council President Charles Michel considers an import ban on Russian oil and eventually gas inevitable to end Moscow’s war of aggression against Ukraine. “I think that sooner or later measures will also be needed for oil and even gas,” Michel said before the European Parliament on Wednesday. Chancellor Karl Nehammer, on the other hand, only confirmed his no to an embargo on Russian gas on Monday.

European Commission President Ursula von der Leyen also threatened an oil embargo on Russia, in addition to halting coal imports. Referring to the Commission’s proposed import ban on Russian coal on Tuesday, von der Leyen told the European Parliament: “These sanctions will not be our last sanctions.” She added: “Now we need to look at oil and the revenue Russia gets from fossil fuels.”

Nehammer only recently emphasized that he has a gas embargo on: “not an intelligent measure”. It is “terrible and actually disgusting” to depend on Russian gas, which accounts for 80 percent of domestic imports, but it is a reality.

Source: Krone


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