Brutal coup in Tyrol – Unknown tapped 260 liters of diesel from the tank


Fuel is a coveted commodity, especially in times of massive inflation – even among criminals! An unknown perpetrator struck in the Tyrolean Navis (Innsbruck-Land district) and spilled more than 200 liters of diesel from a tank. Police are hoping for potential witnesses.

The brutal fuel thief would be doing mischief on Thursday between 7 a.m. and 12 noon. According to the police, the tank was next to the Forest road to the so-called “Schneideralm” in Navis, Oberweg district, turned off.

lock broken
According to the investigators, who now hope for possible eyewitnesses, he has drained a total of about 260 liters of diesel after he probably broke the padlock with bolt cutters.

Useful information or suspicious sightings to the police inspectorate Steinach at the phone number: 059 133/7125.

Source: Krone


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