In the year 2022-2022 alone, 188 infections with West Nile virus


This year, nearly 200 people across the EU have been shown to have contracted West Nile virus. According to the EU health agency ECDC’s weekly report on threats from communicable diseases, a total of 188 cases of human infection have been reported since the start of the transmission season through Wednesday. Italy (144) recorded by far the most of them, with ten deaths as well.

Other infections were registered in Greece (39), Austria (2), Romania (2) and Slovakia (1).

In addition, Serbia, which borders the EU, has registered 34 infections and three deaths. According to ECDC, the transmission season usually lasts from June to November.

There is no vaccination
Birds, but also horses and people contract the West Nile virus. In humans, the infection is usually inconspicuous or mild. About 20 percent of those infected develop a febrile illness that lasts three to six days. Only about one in 100 infected people becomes seriously ill. There is no vaccination.

Source: Krone


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