Horror video: Orcas tear each other apart


Shocking video from a SeaWorld park in the US: Orca attacks another orca – visitors to the zoo film the attack. Eyewitnesses say the water turned blood red and visitors were shocked.

Animal protection organization PETA has now made this recording public.

Experts call on the authorities to investigate the operator of the recreation and amusement park.

Das Horror Video:

Wrong attitude?
They say the aggression is due to poor husbandry – if the animals don’t get along, they shouldn’t be kept in a fence. Sad coincidence?

The day before, the company announced the death of orca Nakai on Facebook. The animal was born there in 2001 and died of an infection. According to experts, keeping orcas in such amusement parks is no longer current. The often much too small pools offer no possibilities to retreat or escape, which means that such aggression can occur.

Source: Krone


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