Woman dies after being beaten in traditional ‘hobby horse’ costume at Labor Day Festival


Laura Smallwood

The woman died after she was struck by a traditional horse costume during a centuries-old Labor Day celebration in Cornwall, overheard an investigation. Nurse Laura Smallwood, 34, was taken to Dereford Hospital, where she died a few days later.

At the Padstow event on May 1, 2019, “Hobby Horses” were introduced and shown across town, Cornwall Live reports. The hobby’s large oval tires are covered in oily black leather with a small horse’s head in front, with a sharp jawline.

Laura’s husband, Oliver, was first to appear before Cornish forensic expert Andrew Cox on Tuesday (April 6). He said his wife was “very caring”, “very strong” and was always surprising, adding that “she was really a happy and cheerful person.”

Mr. Smallwood and Mr. Cox spoke of how two Ossetians walked the streets, one blue and one red, with spectators divided into two rows according to their colour. Mr Smallwood told investigators it was around 7:00 p.m. when he was told that Laura had been shot by an Ossetian and exited the stadium, but said he was initially told she was fine.

Mr. Smallwood remembers walking along the method field and seeing Laura lying on the ground. She went with him in an ambulance to Dereford, but her condition worsened within days and she died on May 4, 2019.

The next witness was Laura’s friend, Reverend Kirsten Norfolk. Talk about how he and Laura and others shared a few bottles of wine before walking to Padstow Square to watch the Ossetian festivities.

Mrs. Norfolk said she was too busy and Laura got into an argument with Chelsea Powell and the man who was present with Mrs Powell. The argument ended with Mrs. Powell hitting Laura and leaving a mark. “It ended as quickly as it began,” said Mrs. Norfolk, and everyone smiled at him and carried on.

Mrs. Norfolk said she arranged to meet Laura shortly thereafter at Steelfield. He said: I tried to contact him, but I couldn’t find it. I was told that Laura was crying and the Ossetian was injured. He was accompanied by several people, so I thought it would be fine. People always encounter Ossetians, so it is suggested that he will be fine.

“I saw something far away, as we left Laura and turned back and could not help but see how the medical staff were being brought in for treatment. “I didn’t see him get hit in the first accident nor Ossetians.”

Padstow Ossetia Ossetia

Another witness, Michael Denek, said that he was also present during the discussion and that he heard Silas and saw Laura turn her head and her glasses fly off, leaving a trail.

Rosie Howells, Laura’s cousin, gave a similar account. He said Laura got into a fight after punching the kid in the face. He said Mrs. Powell told Laura she shouldn’t interfere, and then Laura tried to dissipate the situation. Mrs. Howells said they broke up and it was over. He added that the groups then broke up and laughed because Laura seemed fine.

Jack Jones, a friend of Mrs. Powell’s, said he doesn’t remember much of the day due to alcohol consumption and the time since then, but he does remember someone in the crowd patting him in the back with a fight. Between Laura and Mrs. Powell. He spoke of exchanging words before Mrs. Powell slapped Laura in the face.

Late in the morning of the first day of the investigation, Ms. Powell said she spent most of the day in a social club before heading into town for a while.

He noted that the streets were crowded and that Mr. Jones was chasing after him after a disagreement between him and his brother led him to leave the social club. She said, “I remember going into town and Jackie wasn’t there. I saw someone was arguing, so I went and walked in on that person. Laura shook my hand, slapped her in the face and said something ‘He didn’t touch me.'”

Obby Oss Parade in Padstow, Cornwall, May 1, 2019

The investigation then heard evidence of Laura Os’ beating. Sean Howells said he first saw Laura at 6:10 p.m., but was very angry and upset, which is quite unusual.

Ms. Howells said, “I saw Laura again at 7:00 pm in Chapel Style Field, there were a lot of people and the procession was huge. People were exchanged in Ossetia and witnessed the change. And suddenly the bone came back, which is very unusual and now I know it It was due to a fall.

“Laura brought her back to Ossetia. One thing we always learn is not to turn our backs on Ossetia and Laura knew that. I thought it was very unusual and he knew it better. I could see what was going to happen, but there was nothing I could do about it. I saw That Ossetto hit me and I thought it hurt.

“It seemed strange to me that he did not admit that he was beaten by an Ossetian. I found his behavior on that day quite unusual.”

Another friend talked about how things went so quickly, but after the Ossetian injury, Laura said that it hurt a little, but she managed to stand up. Soon, Laura shook hands with her friend and said she had to go home because of dizziness. Soon, they called for medical help. The investigation also learned that when Ossetians shocked her, Laura had been fine since Mrs. Powell’s previous accident.

The investigation, which is expected to last three days, is ongoing

Source: Belfastlive


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