Facua condemns 230 petrol stations in 13 communities for raising prices due to the entry into force of the bonus.


Facua-Consumers in Action has filed a complaint against 230 petrol stations that increased fuel prices by 5 cents or more on April 1, the date the government imposed the bonus over the next three months.

In a statement, the consumer organization noted that due to the unanswered response and “uncertainty” from the Ministry of Consumer Affairs, whether it would pass on the facts to the regions, it chose to apply directly to the Consumer Protection Administration. , Which have sanctioning force.

In this way, complaints were lodged with the communities of Andalusia, Aragon, Asturias, Castilla-La Mancha, Castile and Le ,n, Catalonia, Valencia, Euskadia, Extremadura, Galicia, Madrid, Murcia, and General Directorates, agencies and institutions. Navarre was reported by Europa Press.

In addition, he also condemned these facts before eight autonomous competition agencies with sanctions powers, such as Andalusia, Aragon, Catalonia, Euskada, Extremadura, Galicia, Castile and Leონიn, and the Valencian Community.

The Consumer Organization recalled that on April 6, it had already brought the Ministry of Consumer Affairs and the National Market and Competition Commission (CNMC) into the spotlight.

A few days ago, when the fuel discount came into force, whether there was trouble at some petrol stations, Environment Minister Teresa Ribera in an interview with elDiario.es indicated that the government had raised the issue. CNMC and said it did not believe “this happened massively”. “It is possible that there were examples of Picareski that should be identified and controlled. The first measure from the competition services is to request information on why this increase occurred, sometimes at more than 5 cents at around 200-300 petrol stations across Spain, which we have more or less revealed.

Fakua specified that on the morning of April 1, the reported petrol stations carried out an increase of at least 5 cents, which is the reduction of the margin that the sector must enter, as stipulated in Article 15/622 of the Royal Decree. March 29, which will take urgent measures under the National Plan for Responding to the Economic and Social Consequences of the War in Ukraine.

Thus, 208 of the more than 5,000 gas stations that updated prices and delivered them to Ecological Transition that morning increased the price of diesel by 5 cents or more. As for the 95th petrol, according to the association, on Friday morning at 171 gas stations increased by 5 cents and more.

By autonomous communities, Andalusia is the region with the most stations, for a total of 65; Followed by Castilla-La Mancha, with 46 petrol stations; Community of Valencia, 32 in total, Extremadura, 21; And Catalonia, 18.

Of the 230 service stations reported, Facua specified that 26 belong to Repsol, followed by ES Carburantes, 12, Farruco SA (10), Cepsa (8), Galp (7), MaxOil (6) and BP (4).

Agla, Avia and Petronor have three stations on which complaints have been lodged, Ballenoil and Campsa 2 each, while Petrogas and Shell close the list with one. In addition to these chains, another 142 independent petrol stations were identified.

Source: El Diario


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