Inditex will provide a stimulus linked to the sale after the strike call


It assumes the recovery for the relatives of the one who was eliminated with the pandemic, increasing the amount to 1,000 euros

Inditex will provide an incentive linked to sales to all dependents in Spain, the majority of whom are women, and will review sales commission systems, while improving the “plus headquarters” for those in A Coruña, according to the agreement signed with the CC unions OO and UGT, which do not have the support of the Galician Inter-Union Confederation (CIG).

After several rounds of negotiations with the unions, the company has agreed to offer a sales-linked incentive, meaning the reinstatement of the group-wide dependents incentive, which was eliminated by the pandemic, increasing the amount increased to 1,000 euros (600 euros). for days less than 24 hours), which will be paid on the February 2023 payroll, while opening negotiations to introduce a system of incentives and commissions in all brands of the company “more transparent, universal and fair, in addition to the taking into account the omnichannel of physical and ‘online sales’, declare the signatory unions.

Apart from these agreed measures for sales staff throughout the national territory, Inditex and the trade unions CC OO and UGT signed the improvement of the ‘plus headquarters’ for dependents in A Coruña, with a gradual increase over three years. The company increases the ‘plus head office’ in A Coruña (2,700 euros for 2022, 3,000 euros for 2023, 3,600 euros for 2024), representing increases of 1,843.95 euros, 2,143.95 euros and 2,743.95 euros respectively, which according to the trade unions, with the percentage increases agreed in the agreement.

Similarly, the management of the Inditex group has committed in the agreement to become more involved in the unblocking and salary update of the regional and provincial agreements. According to the unions, 57% of Inditex employees have non-renewal contracts and therefore their salaries have been frozen, which could lead to conflict scenarios in December.

The agreement has been ratified by the UGT and CC OO, but does not have the support of the CIG, which in principle maintains its mobilizations, calling for a strike on November 25 in A Coruña, coinciding with ‘Black Friday’ ”.

Inditex currently has nearly 6,500 stores in the world and some 165,000 employees, of which 86% belong to retail stores, while the global workforce in Spain, with nearly 1,300 branches, is 46,000 employees.

Source: La Verdad


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