But not everywhere – airline tickets for the summer of 2023 will be significantly more expensive


Before the summer of 2023, it could double compared to the already expensive year before.

If you want to fly on holiday next summer, you should already start saving: many airlines are raising their ticket prices considerably, according to price comparison idealo. The Swiss shoots the bird, which charges an average of more than 46 percent more for a scheduled flight. Since the Corona crisis year 2021, the Lufthansa subsidiary has more than doubled its fares.

Lufthansa itself will receive a similar amount (increase next year by almost 41 percent, since 2021 by 93.3 percent, see chart). The AUA will still be relatively moderate this summer with plus 28.5% (total plus 58.4%).

KLM, Emirates, Air France and Iberia are booking relatively small price increases and some airlines are even lowering flight prices compared to this year. For example, the Portuguese TAP charged 22 percent less, easyJet 12 percent, Condor and Ryanair each about 6 percent and Eurowings 2.1 percent less than in this summer’s timetable.

There are two reasons for this: strong competition in their “home markets” from low cost airlines and strict cost efficiency. For example, Ryanair has already purchased 50 percent of its fuel needs for 2023 and can therefore calculate accurately. The cost price per passenger, excluding fuel, is less than 30 euros (eg Eurowings 83 euros). Although tickets cost less than 45 euros on average, the Irish earn well.

Source: Krone


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