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Companies can create a catalog to display products and services and use special tools to automate messages, sort and respond quickly.

WhatsApp and Enterprise Nation have announced a partnership in the UK to educate and support small businesses on how to connect with customers and grow their business using free WhatsApp Business tools. WhatsApp is the world’s most popular personal messaging service with more than 2 billion users worldwide, but many in the UK don’t realize that WhatsApp also offers a free business app designed specifically for small and medium-sized businesses.

Already, one in three people surveyed globally said they submitted a business and WhatsApp Business was built with the small business owner in mind. The app allows small business owners to easily communicate with customers, highlight key products and services, place orders, and answer customer service questions, making interaction with customers quick, personal and private.

Companies can create a catalog to display products and services and use special tools to automate messages, sort and respond quickly. The WhatsApp Business app already has more than 50 million users worldwide and 175 million messages are sent to the WhatsApp Business account every day.

A recent survey also found that 35% of small business owners believe that a lack of expert advice is a barrier to getting tech tools into their business. The new partnership aims to provide training and advice on best practices to UK Enterprise Nation members to help them grow their business and build loyal and trusted relationships with new and existing clients.

Enterprise Nation is the UK’s busiest small business network and has supported over half a million small businesses in the last year alone. It offers national programs on the topics most relevant to small businesses, including:

StartUp UK: A three-year campaign to help one million people start their own businesses. And Instagram to manage and grow their business

“Small businesses have faced unprecedented challenges in all areas of their business in recent years,” said Aqua Geek, public policy lead at WhatsApp. “Customer communication has always been important to businesses, but during the pandemic we have heard plenty of examples where WhatsApp has been touted as the ultimate solution for small and medium businesses around the world. WhatsApp allows users to talk to businesses the same way they talk to their friends and family, allowing them to place orders Or request information or browse products, it also provides businesses with an easy way to stay with customers, make sales and get business done.As for the country’s recovery, maintaining a good relationship with customers has never been more important for small businesses.

Emma Jones, co-founder of Enterprise Nation, said: “We are excited to partner with WhatsApp, further strengthening the support we already provide to small businesses in the UK.

Taking care of existing customers is essential to any business, even if it can sometimes be overlooked in favor of a new business profit. Technology has played an important role in supporting small businesses over the past 18 months, and WhatsApp has turned customer service into a great experience for both consumers and small business owners.

Source: Belfastlive


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