“Will collapse” – expert-only e-car hype “a house of cards”


Everyone is talking about electric cars and their share of newly registered vehicles is constantly increasing. But there are also critical voices about this current boom. Georg Brasseur, emeritus professor at the Technical University of Graz, explains in an interview why the hype around electric cars is a house of cards that is collapsing.

“Crown of Styria”: One of your lectures was once entitled “The fairytale of electromobility without a combustion engine”. Why is this a fairytale?
George Brewer: Because there is not enough electricity in Europe for that. Electricity is an incredibly valuable commodity and must be used in the course of an energy transition where there is no alternative. For example, for energy policy it would be more logical to invest in heat pumps for the promotion of e-cars. It is negligent to promote something that you know cannot work in full development.

Source: Krone


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