Federal army not present – Ukraine: EU wants to train another 15,000 soldiers


The scope of the current EU training mission for the Ukrainian Armed Forces will be doubled. The new goal is to train 30,000 Ukrainian soldiers in EU countries, several EU officials announced in Brussels on Wednesday. So far, the goal has been to train about 15,000 soldiers. Austria is not participating in the mission militarily, but financially, and – unlike the NATO country Hungary – has also voted for it.

The start of the EU training mission was decided in November by the foreign ministers of the member states. At the time, it was said that up to 15,000 Ukrainian soldiers would first have to be trained in Germany, Poland and other EU countries. With the mission, the EU wants to help ensure that Ukrainian troops can defend themselves even better than before against attackers from Russia.

Germany offers combat training
As part of the EU mission, the German Bundeswehr offers, among other things, combat training for companies and tactical exercises for a brigade staff and the subordinate battalion staff. The German offer also includes training for trainers, medical training and weapons system training in close cooperation with industry.

According to the original plans, Germany wanted to train a brigade with up to 5,000 Ukrainian soldiers in the first few months. The number should also depend on how many soldiers the Ukrainian Defense Ministry can send for training given the ongoing war.

According to information from EU circles, the German federal government had promised to fill 80 posts for the mission during deployment planning. The Bundeswehr also provides the multinational command for specialized training. The EU has already appointed three-star general Andreas Marlow as commander.

Source: Krone


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