Taste “Krone” – Can I feed my child for two euros a day?


Children living in poverty will be supported by the government with 60 euros per month from now until the end of 2024 – in addition to existing social benefits. For example, can a child eat a healthy and balanced diet with this amount? We have started the experiment!

Healthy eating is especially important for children in the first years of life, because it lays the foundation for later patterns and thus also for the prevention of serious diseases such as obesity. According to a survey by Marketagent, 93.1 percent of Austrian parents pay attention to a balanced diet for their offspring. Twelve percent indicate that they mainly use organic food. According to the study, it makes less difference whether the children’s meals are cheap or quickly prepared.

How far can you get with 60 euros?
Research into food poverty shows that the eating habits of income groups mainly differ in the amount of fresh fruit and vegetables. And all those children who have to live below the income poverty line in our country – 289,000 according to Statistics Austria – increasingly eat cheap food with a low nutritional value and a high calorie content. Can the 60 euros per month change that?

Source: Krone


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